It’s a Barge!


I am nearing the end of the album of when my friends visited last fall.  Just a few more pages after this layout.

A huge barge!

A huge barge!

I really like how this layout turned out.  I started with a textury looking piece of blue cardstock.  I made bubbles out of three different colors of blue/green cardstock and circle cutters.  On each circle I used a white gel pen and made markings to look like the bubbles were reflecting light.  I attached them to the cardstock across the top and slightly down one side.  I then attached three pictures down the side (after I trimmed a bit).  A fifth picture I really trimmed down and attached it to a tag that we made in Kansas this last summer and then trimmed it down and attached it to the layout.  (I really like the way that it looks).  I added alpha stickers that say “barge”.  The last step was I took a frame made out of cardstock and attached it to the page.  I trimmed it down on the edge.  Finally, I wrote about the layout inside the frame.  The framed had the white wavy edge at the bottom.  I added light waves with the white gel pen all the way up.

Hope your day is absolutely awesome!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Barge!

  1. Ever wonder what is in all those containers and where will they end up? I like the title . Is that chipboard or stickers? I think the bubble stickers look good on this page.

  2. Don’t you love the hear the big horn blast out from the barge? It’s so loud it’s almost scary. They sure can carry a lot of stuff. Bet Tom Sawyer’s eyes would bug out if he saw this barge. Really creative on the bubble. They look so real. You are getting really good at getting lots of pictures on one page. The alpha stickers look almost like those iron on patches. Really a nice page. Who would think a barge could be this interesting.

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