Terri’s Fresh Layout

Hello fellow scrappers!

Today is the last of the Terri installments.  🙂

Terri's homegrown yummies!

Terri’s homegrown yummies!

Terri took a colored piece of cardstock and put a strip of “veggie” paper down the side (perfect for this layout).  She trimmed down 5 photos (helps to draw attention to what is important in the picture and makes it possible to put a lot of pictures on a page) and matted them.  Starting underneath one photo she put strips of colored paper and cute veggie paper.  She added chipboard letters in different colors that say “FRESH”.  She then added a couple of complementary stickers.  Awesome layout!

Thanks, Terri!

God bless!


One thought on “Terri’s Fresh Layout

  1. Bring on the tomatoes and bacon. BLT here we come. Sure look delicious. Canning some I bet. A really good crop. I love home grown tomatoes with lots of salt. My dad used to grow them. I didn’t even appreciate them until I went to the store and bought those nasty things they try to pawn off as tomatoes Really cute page with the vegetable paper and stickers. Lots of colors of all the vegetables. Can’t make out some of the veggies but I think I see some corn and cucumbers. A good year.

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