An Awesome Collage Layout

Howdy friends,

I had a lot of pictures that I wanted on one page so I decided to cut up the photos and create a collage.  I have done this in the past whenever I have a lot to squeeze onto one layout.

Complete collage layout.

Complete collage layout.

I started with a white piece of paper for the background.  I had a large tag that had a map on the top half and said “Greetings from” and lines below for journaling on the bottom.  I wrote River Street after “Greetings from” and I wrote, “Some of the statues and monuments  lining the street.”.  I adhered it to the paper at a slight slant.  I wanted to cover up part of the map because it was places like the Artic Ocean.  I layered my trimmed down photos over a lot of the map so that it was obvious it was a map but not any of the words are showing.

I believe that there are a total of 10 photos that were trimmed down and layered.  I played around a lot with the placement before I adhered the photos.  I had them overlap in several places making sure that nothing important was covered.  There were a few “white spots” that I couldn’t cover with photos.  I used a border sticker that  I wrapped around the corner of the page that says, “wishing you were here…”.    I added word stickers (friends, fun, wow) in different spaces and then added things like hearts, cogs, and arrow around.  I did add a ribbon to the large tag and after all of the pictures and stickers were added I adhered the ribbon so that it would lay in place.

I really like how this page turned out.  One other time I had this much success with a collage page.  It was my oldest son’s 16th birthday party.  There were a lot of kids involved playing a lot of games and eating a lot of food.

Hope all is going well for you and you are starting to enjoy this festive season!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “An Awesome Collage Layout

  1. This is a good page , I bet it took some time figuring out placement of the pictures. Is all of these places in a close vicinity ? I like the different statues and the fountain.looks like a neat place.

  2. Lots of cool pictures to look at. I like to look at the statues and read about them. Kelly tried to take pictures of them when we went on the bus tour. The driver was in a hurry to get back so he could go home I guess. She did get a few though. You sure got a lot of pictures on the page. If there’s a will they say. The stickers and the ribbon help make it all so interesting. Glad you found spots for all of them. Oceans and land can’t keep friends and family apart.

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