Project Life Week 27


Another PL week is completed.  I am moving right along.  🙂  I know that at least one of the pictures (baby Jep) is out of order but that is ok.  I wanted it included and this was the first opportunity without adding a whole page for the one picture.

PL Week 27 layout.

PL Week 27 layout.

The first picture is of me and Absey oohing and aahing over the fireworks.  We found a good place to sit this year and it is close to home – bonus.  I bought some glasses that made the fireworks really burst in the air.  The first small slot is a PL American flag card.  The second one is of my sweet  nephew Jep.  It was taken in June but I wanted to include it in my album so I did.  🙂  The second large slot on the top row is a PL card that I wrote “week 27” on and added some patriotic star stickers.

The bottom left large slot is of Ethan at the beach.  His Great Uncle, Great Aunt, and cousin took him.  Tim went also.  They made Ethan into a merman.  The next small slot is a PL card that I added a beachy sticker to.  I then wrote about all the pictures.  I changed ink color and used arrows for each different picture.  The bottom small slot is a tag from a decorative page.  I cut it out and rounded the corners.  Life is beautiful!  Finally, the bottom right slot is of my sweet Absey posing with a completed puzzle.  We go through spurts of doing a lot of puzzles and then taking time off.  I think puzzle time is quickly approaching now.  I hope so at least!  I put a sticker on the bottom of the picture that says “goodness”.  What isn’t good about puzzle time with my sweet granddaughter?

Hope  your life is going well!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 27

  1. Hi Been not feeling well lately but back on track now. You have done it again. Another fun page to look at. Looks like the fourth of July was a fun time with the kids. Lots of pretty bright lights and some fun little stickers to tell about it. That Ethan is one handsome Merman. Brittany would love this picture. Is the life jacket to not sink in the quick sand? ha Cute red and white umbrella to keep the sun off. That little Jep is sure a superman. He’s a jewel. You and Abby having some quite time together. Putting puzzles together lets you talk about things that going on. A good thing. She sure has a pretty happy smile on her face. Life is Beautiful and full of Goodness.

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