Project Life Week 26


Another PL post!  This will mean I am finally 1/2 way through the year with PL.  Not where I wanted to be but I am making progress.

Complete layout of PL week 26.

Complete layout of PL week 26.

In the top left slot is a part of a brochure from the Tybee Island lighthouse.  The complete lighthouse wouldn’t fit in the slot so I just put what would fit on a PL journaling card.  I put it on the left side of the card so I could journal on the remaining portion.  I put the week (26) and a lot of the things that we did when Tiara visited.  I also put (in a different color of ink) that when she left Ethan flew in.  What a summer we had!

In the two small slots on the top I put the wording from the front of the brochure adhered to small PL cards.

In the top right large slot I put the score card from mini golfing.  I left it intact so that if someone wants to be reminded who won it can be pulled out.  🙂  (I didn’t).

On the bottom, the two large slots are of Tiara at the Hunting Island lighthouse.  (We went to two different lighthouses).

The top small slot is of Tim skateboarding.  The bottom small slot is of a dolphin when we went on a dolphin tour.

We had a crazy two weeks.  We had a crazy two months, really.

Hope all of you are doing faboolous (that is on my granddaughter’s shirt – I told her today that I hoped she had a faboolous day at school).  🙂

God bless!


One thought on “Project Life Week 26

  1. Wow! a lot done in such a short time. I don’t know how you keep up. One trip up the light house would have done me in. Golf is something different to do. I’m sure I wouldn’t win either. Just as well give it a try though. Kids are too good with their hands and eye coordination. Playing all those video games I guess. I had Monopoly to train my eye and hand. Those dolphins sure do have a good time around there. Always happy looking. Now the shopping and the yummy foods is right up my alley. Let the kids do stuff and I’ll watch. Good times, lots of laughs, and happy thoughts.

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