Project Life Week 25

Hi friends,

I finally had some pictures for my PL album printed and I am off and running.

Complete layout of PL week 25.

Complete layout of PL week 25.

This was a busy week when Tim’s sister came to visit.  The first slot is when we took a carriage tour in downtown Savannah.  The second slot on the top and the two middle small slots are of temporary tattoos that we had applied on the same day.  The first small slot is the business card from the carriage tour that I put on a PL card.  I added a few fun stickers.  The last small slot is a PL summer card.  I put week 25 with alpha stickers and I wrote “first day of” and an arrow pointing to summer since summer started during that week.  The bottom two pics are of Tim and Tiara learning to paddle board.  They learned that it was a lot of work but they were both successful.  They also saw dolphins while they were on their paddle boards.  In the second slot on the bottom row I combined two pictures of Tim and Tiara returning from paddle boarding.  I used alpha stickers to put “paddle board” and their names.  They did a lot more things but this page captured the essence of the busyness and fun of the week.

Now on to week 26.

God bless you and your families!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 25

  1. The carriage ride would be fun, Not to sure about the paddle boards–I would probably fall in !! Always on the go with fun activities.

  2. Carriage ride? Looks fun, but with my luck I would get a run -away- horse. Gee, I’m such a fun person today. Tattoos are okay if temporary. I’m not one to paint pictures on myself I can’t wash off. Those are some cool ones though. The little business card is a good idea to put in your book. A souvenir to remind you of the day. The paddle boats seem like a good time, but I’m sure it is hard work. Glad no hungry sharks were out that day. It’s nice Tim got to spend some time with Tiara. One day they will go out into the world and be busy and may not get to spend quality time together. They will always remember these days. Colorful circles to tell about the picture and “25” week to tell the time. Cute.

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