Climbing Down

Hey friends,

Today I actually took more time than I am usually allotted anymore and scrapped a fun (and a little time consuming) page.

I had a piece of wonderful decorative paper to use as my background.  After playing around with the layout I cropped four photos and adhered them to the layout.  I found the alpha stickers I wanted to use on part of the layout and I used an old trick to make sure that they were placed correctly.

The ruler with alpha sticker letters barely attached.

The ruler with alpha sticker letters barely attached.

In the above (blurry) picture I have a clear ruler with the alphabet stickers attached (just barely) to the top of the ruler.  This makes it nice to position the stickers exactly where you want them and then to push them onto the paper and then gently remove them from the ruler and adhere that portion of the stickers to the page.

Then I did another fun idea that I had been meaning to try.  I took a set of white chipboard letters and a set of brown chipboard letters that were the same font.  I used a set of white that said “down” and a set of brown that said “down”.  I then marked the middle on the back of each letter and cut them in 1/2.  I attached the top of the letter D in white and the bottom of the letter D in brown to the background paper.  The top of the letter O in white and the bottom of the letter O in brown were then attached.  I continued through the whole word.

My awesome layout.

My awesome layout.

The only other thing that I did was add a crab sticker and two arrow stickers.  I didn’t journal on this layout because I did on the previous pages.

Hope all is right in your part of the world!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Climbing Down

  1. This is a awesome page,I love the two tone letters(I might have to scrap-lift that idea! My knees would be so sore after climbing those steps!! I also like how you staggered the pictures to resemble the stairs. Good Job!!!!

  2. Cute how the letters are of different designs. The paper is perfect. Love the jolly crab and the beautiful seashells. The arrows tell the story. Easier going down than up. Just looking at those stairs is making me out of breath. puff puff What a fun thing to do with friends.

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