The Rest of Project Life Week 24

Hi friends,

I did manage to complete PL week 24.  I am having printer problems and my hubby is extremely busy with work.  When he has a chance to look at it we will determine if we need a new printer and then go get one.  Meanwhile, I will go print pics at a store and scrap pics that I already have in other albums.  I have SO many pictures!

The 2nd part of PL week 24.

The 2nd part of PL week 24.

In the top left pocket I put a picture from a newspaper that I had been saving (it says 1965 which is the year I was born) and a picture of a wall hanging that one of my sons and his wife got me for my birthday.  I adhered them to a piece of decorative paper that I cut out and rounded the corners.

The top right picture is a pic of my oldest son and his wife on their wedding day 3 years ago.  Their anniversary was on June 15th and I love this picture and wanted it to remind me of them and their wedding day.

The bottom left pic is of my brother’s new place (what it looks like from their deck) in Colorado.  My other brother and his family visited and sent me a picture.  I am so happy for them to get their dream home.  I can’t wait to visit and see it for myself.  The small PL card above it talks about the picture.

The second small picture is of when Tim’s sister, Tiara, came to visit.  We were at the airport and we took a picture of Tim at the parking spot so that we would be able to find our car afterwards.  The 2nd small pic is of a palm tree sticker on a PL card.  The third small pic is a closeup of Tiara at Coligny beach the next day.  Finally, the bottom right picture is of Tim and Tiara relaxing and catching some rays.

Finally…..this week of PL has been documented.  🙂

God bless all of you!


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  1. Lucky you having so many pictures . Your life adventures will not be forgotten. The 60’s was a very good year. I had two kids born then. What a blessing they are. Jake and Annie look so happy in this picture. I wish them happiness always. Hope all is going well with them. Tim sure has had some good times with Tiara. I’m sure they will always think of this time as special. Isn’t it ironic that your brother moved to Colorado. Wonder if it is far from Castle Rock. Now you can visit two families when you go there. Anyway, enjoying another time and space at the Turner Household.

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