Which Album Should You Choose?


This is my last bit of info from the old Creating Keepsakes magazines that I read this summer.  This post is about the three most popular styles of photo albums to choose from and their pros and cons.

The first (and the one that I currently use) is the Three-Ring Binder.  The two things that I really like about using a binder album is that you can add or take away pages any place you want to in the album.  You make your pages and slip them into page protectors and then if you find that they are out of order you can move the pages around.  Also, some album covers gap open if you add extra pages or chunky ephemera.  The binder holds a lot of pages very nicely.  A couple of negatives – the pages sometimes slip out of the top of the page protectors.  Sometimes when I am flipping through the albums I am pushing the pages back into the protectors.  Also, facing pages have rings between them.  Not a big deal unless you are making a two page layout.  When this is the case it breaks the flow of the layout.

The second type of album (I think more popular for journaling) is the Spiral Album.  I don’t think that I have ever used one except once when I made my grandson an album.  The main reason that I don’t use them is that they don’t have page protectors.  I REALLY don’t like that feature.  I like to protect something that I put so much effort into.  You also can’t add pages and can’t move pages around.  You are limited to the paper that is in the album but that isn’t too big of a deal because you can adhere decorative paper to the pages.  Pages can also be easily torn out.  The positive aspects of this type of album  are they are easy to use, the covers are fun to personalize, and the pages lie flat.

Finally, the album type that I used for A LOT of years is the expandable albums (like Creative Memories).  It was very difficult for me to give up scrapping in them but I have loved the three-ring binders since I made the leap.  What I liked about them is they look like traditional photo albums that my mom had our nice photographs in while I was growing up.  Many have guarantees (like Creative Memories).  The pages are flush which is really awesome with two page layouts.  A few negatives are that you can’t photocopy directly onto the pages.  You can go back and add pages but it is very painful.  Why I stopped using them was not only the difficulty in adding or moving pages but many of the albums are expensive and when I bought them from craft stores with coupons they weren’t very durable.

What are you scrapping in?

God bless!


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  1. I prefer to use the 3 ring albums. I have a tendency to have thick pages some times. plus I like to do Themed pages and then when I have a few done I can put them in the order I want. I do use my creative memories albums for trip adventures(like Washington Dc.NC. Cruises,etc.)

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