Project Life Week 24 (part 1)

Hello friends,

My life is so busy now that I don’t have a chance to scrap a full PL in one setting.  Pretty pathetic, huh?  On top of this my printer went kapooie.  My hubby is going to evaluate it this weekend and we will go from there.

First part of PL week 24.

First part of PL week 24.

The first slot is my PL week 24 slot and a place to talk about my big 5-0 birthday.  I took a plain pink PL card and added a birthday journaling sticker.  I then put stickers that say WEEK 24 and added a pin flag (the pokey pin part went behind the sticker).  The flag says “birthday girl”.  The first small slot is another pink PL card that I put a birthday sticker on.  The second small slot is a picture of a birthday present that one of my sons and his wife gave me.  The last large slot on the top row has a PL card that I put a trimmed down picture on of another gift that I received in the mail.  I added a sticker and wrote on the picture with a slickers pen.

On the bottom row I put a picture of a riverboat murder mystery cruise that my hubby and I went on for my birthday.  I trimmed it down and added it to decorative paper that I cut down.  I then added stickers and wrote on the picture.  The small two slots on the bottom are of the river boat cruise.  The last slot is a PL card that says Happy Day.  I added two birthday stickers.  One said, “Happy Birthday”.  I added the letter “A”.  It now says “A Happy Birthday”.

I am hoping to finish this PL post VERY soon.

God bless all of you and your families!


3 thoughts on “Project Life Week 24 (part 1)

  1. Birthdays are always fun. You hear from the family and see the cards they send. I love hearing from you kids. Looks as if you had a great day. I always wanted to go on a mystery event. I’m a Sherlock Holmes at heart. Don’t think anyone could trust me to solve their crime though. Glad you and Brad can birthdays together. Also you had some family there to celebrate. I know you enjoyed your day. Heck! I’m just grateful I still have a birthday. ha So goes a week in the house in South Carolina and the tales of the Turner family.

  2. Wish I could correct mistakes but that’s how it goes. If there was a jail for incorrect English language I would be a long timer, no parole, no nothing.

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