How to Protect Your Photos

Hey guys,

Here are a few tips from another old Creating Keepsakes magazine.  These are tips to keep our photos safe.  I need to start applying a few of these.

– Photographs fade quickly when placed in a sunny area or near an indoor light source.  I know that this is true because a little over a year ago I put a picture in a lanyard and hung it in my car.  That picture is so faded now that it is hard to distinguish who is in it.

– Dirty oily fingerprints damage photos.  Wash your hands before handling photos and negatives.  It is suggested that a pair of photo gloves is used.  I have never done this.  Have any of you?

– Never use magnetic photo albums.  I don’t think many people do now BUT a real good hint on how to remove photos from them is to heat the pages by blowing warm air from a blow-dryer over them and gradually pull off the pictures.

– High humidity can damage scrapbook pages.  Try and store them where the humidity is around 40% (not likely in SC) and use permanent pens to keep the ink from smearing when exposed to higher humidity.

– Be careful how you secure photos together.  Rubber bands eventually dry and leave a residue.  Paper clips leave intentions and can damage the photos’ protective coating.  Tape (after a short period of time) becomes yellow, brittle, and leaves stains.  Plastic laminate is also very damaging.

– Don’t scrap newspaper articles with photos.  Newspapers are very acidic.  If you want to put photos and articles on the same page then photocopy the articles first on acid free paper.

– Always use acid free adhesive.  The article suggest using non permanent adhesive.  That way if you want to remove a photo it won’t get damaged.  I always use permanent adhesive.  I hate it when my scrapbook layouts start coming apart.

– Don’t leave photos in drawers and boxes.  They will often get bent and damaged.  There are a lot of options to store “unscrapped” photos in now.  I have a few photo boxes that I use.

– It is best to store photos at a consistent temperature.  The ideal temps are between 65-70 degrees.  The worst places to store them are attics and basements.

– Don’t use a ballpoint pen when labeling your photos.  This can cause irreparable damage to the photos.

– Use acid free supplies when possible.  These days they are very easy to find and reasonably priced.


Well, that is it for today.  I hope to get a PL layout done this afternoon.  I already have the pics printed.

God bless!


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