Ideas for a Better Scrapbook

Hi friends,

Once more I am sharing some downsized articles from an old Creating Keepsakes magazines.  I will share a little of what the article conveys and add my two cents.

To achieve better scrapbooks there are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

  1.  Choose a theme.  Some are super easy to decide on because the pictures are from a birthday party or they are of kids in Halloween costumes.
  2. Match your supplies to your theme.  Choose corresponding accents (paper, stickers, washi tape, rub-ons) to help communicate the theme.

– Use colors that traditionally represent the theme.  Use orange and black on Halloween not on Christmas.  Sometimes it is nice not to totally get caught up in using only red and green at Christmas and only pink for baby girls.  Expand the horizons a bit to be creative but don’t think so far out of the box that viewers of your scrapbook can only think of what an odd combination to put black on your valentines page instead of what a nice scrapbook you have made.

– Exercise restraint when it comes to accents.  Don’t go too crazy with all of the embellishments.  With so many stickers, die-cuts, rub-ons and washi to choose from it is easy to end up with a cluttered page.  Remember that you are trying to draw attention to the pictures not the accents (although they are so darn cute!).

– Always pick pattern papers that enhance your theme.  Coordinate the colors of the paper with the colors that you have chosen for the page.  A lot of papers are so awesome but take the attention away from the photos.

3.  Play with Different Layouts.  Find the one photo that you like the best and use it for the focal point.  Place different accent papers under the photos to see what one works best for each picture.  Position your photos at different angles.

4.  Crop and Frame Photos.  A few reasons to crop photos are eliminating less than perfect items in the photo (a basket of dirty laundry, sink full of dishes, or  a blinking person that isn’t necessary in the photo), competing details that take your attention from what you are trying to draw attention to, or trying to save space and get rid of unnecessary parts of the photo.  Always make sure that you have extra copies of important photos before you crop them.  There are several ways to frame a photo.  One is to adhere the photo to a coordinating piece of paper.  Leave a border that is at least 1/8″ wide.  The greatest impact is using light pictures on a dark background or dark pictures on a light background.  You can also create a frame by outlining the picture with a pen or using a die-cut frame.  Remember to leave plenty of room for journaling.

5.  Record the Facts.  The pictures in your scrapbook won’t mean as much if they don’t contain the information:

– names

– dates

– places

– events

You can use acid free pencils, pens, markers, stickers……

Just a few more ideas from an oldie but goodie magazine.

Hope you have a great day!

God bless!


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