Project Life Week 23

Hey, my awesome scrapping adventurers,

How was that for a lengthy greeting?  Today I have another one page (one activity) PL layout.

PL week 23 - Abigail graduates from kindergarten.

PL week 23 – Abigail graduates from kindergarten.

I tried to make something in many of the slots to have a pink splash.  The photos on the left of the page are before graduation.  I added a chipboard flower on the top photo.

The top small slot is the date of the graduation.  I put it on a pink PL card.  I added a June die and a sticker with the number 4.  I added a cardstock border that says love all the way across to the bottom of the card.  The second small slot  is another PL card in aqua.  I put a chipboard badge on it that says on the edge, “In honor of outstanding”.  I wrote, “performance in kindergarten” in the middle.  I also wrote “kindergarten graduation” on the side of the card.  The 3rd small slot is a picture of Abigail with all of the other kindergartners up on the stage singing and performing.  Finally, the last small slot is of Abigail walking in with her class.  I added border cardstock on two of the edges (of course in pink).

I had so many pics I had a hard time fitting them all on one layout.  I combined two pictures in a large slot (on the right).  I trimmed them down and adhered one on top of the other so that the dimensions were 4″x6″.  I then added a star chipboard that I wrote on describing the photos.  I also added a cardstock border to where the two pictures are joined. The border makes it less confusing.  Finally, the last large slot on the bottom right of the page is of Absey holding her certificate.  I didn’t have a slot left to put week 23 on so I added chipboard letters and numbers to the bottom of the picture – of course they were pink.

That is all for PL week 23.  The summer is ramping up so I have a feeling that I am going to have some big PL layouts.  Kind of scares me.  🙂

Hope you are making progress in some areas of your life.  Some progress is better than none at all.  Don’t get overwhelmed.

God bless!


One thought on “Project Life Week 23

  1. Little kids grow up so fast these days. They seem to be so much mature than when I had my kids. Unless my kids were immature? Don’t ask wives or husbands this. ha Abby’s pink dress is so cute. I know she was so proud of her graduation. Someday you may post the last graduation. Wouldn’t that be neat? Hope she is liking first grade and making lots of new friends. In not too long, Matthew will be starting school. You will never run out of things to scrap about. It’s fun looking at everything.

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