Ways to Obtain Organization

Hey y’all,

Last post I wrote about why to get organized.  This post I am going to give you a few hints.  Just like the last post, this one is from an old scrapping magazine that I scanned called Creating Keepsakes.  I am just writing a few of the bare basic ideas.

Scheduling Time – Write it on the calendar just like you would any important event.  Once you have most of it done you might want to do something that I try to incorporate in my scrapping lifestyle.  At the end of every scrapbooking session I put everything away and then I try to find a few things that are not in their right “home” and put them away.

Keep often-used supplies in a working container. – Tools that are used all the time should not have to be pulled out every time you scrap.  Keep them in a container on your desktop or if you don’t have the luxury of having a place that you can designate as your scrapping area put the important tools in a container that is easy to pull out.

Establish a Permanent Home – If you don’t have the convenience of having a scrapping work space  find at least a shelf or closet to put you supplies and photos not in your container (listed above).

– Use Theme Containers – Consider having separate containers for different themes such as Christmas, Halloween, school, graduation.  I have hanging paper files and separate my decorative papers that way.  It might be nice to do the same with stickers, die cuts, chipboard, punches, ……

 – Use Clear Storage Items – Your containers will be more convenient to use if you can see what is in them without opening them.  If they aren’t clear make sure that you label them.

 – Store Small Items With Care – This is an area that I need to work on.  Find a good way to store your small things (like stickers).  A few ideas are baseball card holders, accordion files, and clear slide holders. 

Keep Your Mementos Together – Keep your mementos and photos from a specific event together.  I am not real great at this but I am trying to improve.  I have started putting all of my mementos for Project Life into a container to glance through before scrapping for my week.  Everything else is in a basket.  Like I said, I need to get better at this.

– Put It Back – I have improved greatly on this throughout the years.  I have had a scrapbooking (crafting area) for probably 5-6 years.  At first I basked in the luxury of not having to put everything away every time I scrapped.  My room got out of control.  Now I learned that it is so much easier if I put everything where it goes.  There are a few exceptions to this – like if I have to leave in the middle of a layout I often leave things where they were so I don’t forget what I was doing (middle age problem?).

Well, a little food for thought.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

God bless!


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