Project Life Week 22


Another PL week is finished.  This was a big week so I had two pages for the layout.

Page one of PL week 22.

Page one of PL week 22.

The top row and middle row had to do with my niece’s, Ashlyn, high school graduation.  I used the program to fill the first pocket and then the middle two pockets on the second row.  I used a perfect PL card – her future is very bright.  On the bottom row is Tim skating at a skate park close to their house.

Second page of PL week 22.

Second page of PL week 22.

The first picture on the top row is my middle son, Ben, pushing his kids on the swing.  The second pic is of my nephew winning state for shotput and discus in Kansas.

The first two small pics on the middle row is Absey and Matthew at the park.   Of course the big picture on the bottom row is the same.  The third slot on the middle row is the week 22 card.  It is a PL card with two brads for the WK and two stickers for the 22.  I also added a sticker that says, “pretty please don’t ever row up”.  So sweet.  Our kiddos and grandkiddos grow up so quickly.  I don’t think we realize it most of the time.  The last small slot on the middle row is explaining my nephew winning state.  I had two perfect stickers – one of a shotput and one of a discus.

Finally, the last pic of the page is of Absey and Matthew falling to sleep in the car after school.  I find myself writing a lot on the boarder of the pictures.  Sometimes I think it is a shortcut that I overuse.  But….if it keeps me progressing then it is worth it.  I really enjoy these albums.

God bless all of you cyber buddies!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 22

  1. Good job on catching up!! Great job on the track sucess!! Tim looks like he is having a good time. The kids wore themselves out!! Another fun week.

  2. It’s been a while since I checked in to see all the news. I’m pretty behind but will be fun looking at all the photos. It sure was a time to party and celebrate Ashlyn’s graduation. We all hope her future is merry and bright. I can’t believe how grown up the kids are getting. When you don’t see them for a year they really change. I’m sure Tim will never forget his skateboard jaunt. I think he really enjoyed his time there. Learning new things on his skateboard to give you and Brad more gray hairs. Ben is a great dad, he always loved little kids even though he was just a little kid himself. I’m sure Jeff is so proud of Levi. That is quite an accomplishment. Hope there is more great times in his future. The little guys look like they had a hard day of play and having to refresh with a cool drink. Then more play and then to rest up for some more good times. Wish I could sleep as sound as they do in a car. When we go on trips, I have to keep my eyes wide open at all times just in case something happens. I have to tell EJ how to drive ofcourse. Anyway, fun looking at the new pictures. I’ll be back to finish my journey into the lives of the Turner Clan.

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