Project Life Week 21

Hi friends,

Back to PL.  I can’t wait to get caught up.  It has been kind of fun looking at the things that we did when the school year was ending and summer was starting.

Week 21 - Memorial Day.

Week 21 – Memorial Day.

The middle slots on the top row  shows my burnt legs.  Brad and I went to the beach to just walk in the sand with our toes in the water.  We brought chairs (one reclining) to relax and enjoy God’s creation.  I was in the reclining one and I got really relaxed.  I fell asleep.  I woke up to my arms burning.  I had put sunscreen on my face in the morning and I wore a hat so my face didn’t get burnt.  I wore capris so only the bottom half of my legs were burnt.  But they were very burnt.  In the first slot was a card that I cut from decorative cardstock.  It showed 10 beach rules.  On the picture I wrote #11 – wear sunscreen.  In the last slot on the top row is a picture of my sweet nieces on their trampoline in their swimsuits that I sent to them.  So cute!

On the bottom row is a picture of a wreath that Brad and I made.  We have enjoyed it all summer.  In the last slot is my nephew Joe who is currently serving this wonderful country.  He is enjoying his children on his return home.  This picture is a little out of order but I thought it was appropriate since we were celebrating Memorial day during Week 21.  I put a PL card of the flag in one small slot.  On the white stripes I wrote about Joe.  In the last small slot I made my week 21 card using a PL card, and numbers out of chipboard.

Slowly but surely I am catching up!  Hope you are having a productive week!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 21

  1. Glad that your getting caught up on PL. Its neat to see what all you family is doing. Have you started your Fall wreath yet? !! The summer one was cute.

  2. So your little trip to the beach turned out not so little. Number nine on the list forgot to mention someone needs to wake you up in time for some more sunscreen. They look so sore. Did your leg heal from all the bending at the cemetery? The little girls look so cute in their bathing suits. I know they were proud of them. They all look the same. Fun time at the pool or in the backyard hose. That wreath you made is sure “beachie.” Are you training Brad to be a crafty helper? And thank Joe for all he has done to help give us freedom. I’m glad he is home safe and can be a daddy to his family. Like all the sayings to brighten up the page.

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