Project Life Week 20

Hi  crafting friends,

I am focusing on getting caught up on PL.  I am back in May and it is August.  I don’t like this situation.  I am having a hard time figuring out what week the pictures belong in.   What I have been doing is grabbing my calendar or going to Facebook to jog my memory.  That really helps but it is also time consuming.

Complete layout of PL week 20.

Complete layout of PL week 20.

The first slot is my week 20 card.  I used a PL card and added a soccer rub on.  It must have been an older rub on because the first part (the star with a soccer ball and the “S” ) adhered to the card but the letters T A R  would not stick no matter how much I rubbed.  I ended up putting 3 alpha stickers on the card to replace the bad rub on.  I also added alpha stickers for Week 20.   The two pics on the top part of the page is of Absey’s last spring soccer game.  The journaling card tells the story of the pictures.  I changed pen colors when I started writing about another picture.

The first slot on the bottom of the page is something that I found on Facebook.  It was taken from the newspaper of the town that I grew up in.  The bottom right picture is my sister and I back in 1973.  I had to save it.  What a better place then PL.  The two small pics is actually one picture that I cut in half.  It is something that I found and really liked on Facebook or Pinterest.  I have been doing that to pictures/ideas that I really like.  The final picture is of Brad and two of the grandkids at the park.  We were babysitting for a few hours while their parents went on a mini date.  Win – win.

Pretty laid back week.  Hopefully the next post will be week 21.

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 20

  1. A simple week. I bet you enjoy looking back at the events of the year. The picture of you and your sis is a really neat find. Adding the little sentiment is s good idea., a way to remember them.

  2. Soccer will be starting up again in not too long. Sometime in the Spring I think. Abby seems to really like it. Wait and see. The picture of you and Julie are cute. It’s fun to find things you probably forgot all about. You and Brad are such good grand parents. The kids are so lucky to have you. They will know that someday when they have kids of their own. Not to be a bummer, but when I see a dandelion I see more dandelions growing up all over my yard. The are cheerful weeds though. Just to be more positive I have made wishes on dandelion seeds. You sure have had a full summer. More things to craft about, that’s whats fun. And now on to more Turner journeys.

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