A Fun Terri Page


When in Kansas Terri shared a couple of pages that she was working on.  As usual, she is awesome.

Bee time!

Bee time!

Terri and her husband are venturing into the beehive (honey) business.  Terri is still going to add another picture and a tag but look at the cute beehive she made (and the real one that is awesome).  On the tree branch Terri took an actual twig and adhered it to the paper art.  Adds nice texture.  She also added some faux leaves for the texture and fun. This is going to be a great page for her honey of an album.  😉

Thanks Terri!

God bless all of you!


2 thoughts on “A Fun Terri Page

  1. What a fun hobby!! I hope to show you more on the stages of honey production. Scrapbook all those events in your life!!

  2. What a fun page. Love all the little items added. EJ’s grand daughter in Oregon is into making honey. They seem to really enjoy it. Love the little hive with the three little bees buzzing around. I can almost hear them. Hope you have lots of sweet things to can. Hot biscuit with butter and honey. Yum

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