Designing Paper with Water Colors and Salt

Hi guys!

When in KS I scrapped with a lovely group of ladies.  My friend’s Terri and Linda helped me to make a couple of videos.  One of them I posted on YouTube and I will provide a link below if you would like to watch it.  It shows how to do what I am going to tell you.  🙂

One of the papers that we designed with watercolors and salt.

One of the papers that we designed with watercolors and salt.

To make the background paper we had watercolor paper that we spritzed with water and suctioned it to Plexiglas which was spritzed with water.  We then spritzed the front of the paper with water and brushed diluted watercolors onto the paper.  Finally we shook course salt (the bigger the more texture) onto the paper.  The salt absorbed the water and paint when it dried.  After it dried we rubbed the salt off and ended up with wonderful texture and design.  I added pictures, stickers, and an awesome compass embellishment to the paper for a really cool layout.


Hope you enjoy and don’t mind getting a little messy sometimes.

God bless!


One thought on “Designing Paper with Water Colors and Salt

  1. Wow, very fun to do. You really don’t know how things will come out until finished. Makes it like a surprise. It turned out fine. Reminds me of the ocean waters as they cascade upon the sandy shore. I think you are on top of a lighthouse but I think I see the ocean below. Duh–lighthouse. Ocean. Anyway a nice picture with friends.

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