Project Life Week 19

Hello my faithful followers,

It has been so long since I have had a chance to blog OR scrap.  I am in a hotel on my way back from summer vacation with family and friends.  I have a few things to share so I thought I would get one post written before I hit the sack.

Page one of PL week 19.

Page one of PL week 19.

Week 19 was a very busy week for my family.  The top row is of Ben’s birthday.  His birthday really wasn’t until Monday the 11th (same as his son Matthew) but he wanted a Krispy Kreme donut cake (a family tradition for him started when he was a teenager).  We decided to have his cake on Friday the 9th and then to have Matthew’s on the 11th.  I made a tag using PL colored cards and a sticker that says EAT CAKE.  I marked out cake and using alpha stickers I put the word donuts below.  In the slot below that I wrote about our tradition for Ben’s birthday cake.

On Saturday Tim and I drove to Ashville, NC.  He was going to go meet his birth mom for the first time.  I put the personal info inside the folding PL card below the small picture.  I added a pretty sticker flower to  the outside of the PL card.  The bottom right photo is Tim’s girlfriend, Camila, giving him a big hug.  He didn’t tell her that we were coming (he did talk to her mom) and she was very surprised.

Page two of PL week 19.

Page two of PL week 19.

While Tim was visiting Camila, I went to visit my friends Fannie and Karl.  I was playing table top ping pong with their son in the first top photos.  I journaled about it using a PL journaling card and a sticker that says friends.

The rest of the page is about Matthew’s birthday (and Ben’s) and Matthew’s Avenger birthday cake that I made.  I really love the Birthday Bash tag that I have been saving for such a time as this.   I added a PL card that I added alpha and numeric stickers that told that it was week 19.  I also added another PL card that I added a birthday cake sticker to.

A lot of fun pictures – too much for one page.

Hope to get back on here and be more consistent next week.  A lot of fun ideas coming up!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 19

  1. So busy,busy!! A week of friends and family A week of birthdays galore. I like your use of colors that you used.,it expresses the exciting week your family had.Love Ben’s excited smile (about his gift). Tim looks excited to see Carmila,bet she was excited to see him too.

  2. Two boys having a great birthday. Balloons, cakes, presents, all the good stuff. I love the happy look on Matthew face and the pretty smile on Ben. Looks like they had one heck of a good time.

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