Why Buy Them?

Hi friends,

Christmas is over and everyone rushes out to buy up wrapping paper and tags at a very cheap price.  But Terri is more creative than most.  She made tags out of her Christmas cards that she received in the mail.  Isn’t she clever?

A wonderful assortment of Terri's tags.

A wonderful assortment of Terri’s tags.

This project didn’t take long but they sure are cute!  Punches make the project go really fast!

Thanks Terri for the reminder of how cute recycling can be!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Why Buy Them?

  1. Very cute. I have some old card I can do this with. I think I’ll punch a hole in the corner and thread ribbon in it. A punch would really be handy for this. This summer when I’m bored, I’ll probably do this. Looks like fun. Thanks for the idea. Why not use up all those old cards? Could even get some at garage sales.

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