Grandma’s Quilt

Hi my busy scrappers,

Today is actually Terri’s grandma’s quilt page.  It is awesome!  She is always awesome!

Terri's grandma's quilt.

Terri’s grandma’s quilt.

Terri had a picture of the quilt her grandma made and a picture of her grandma.  She knew she had a layout in the making.  She wanted the page to have a quilt feeling.  She found a lot of decorative papers that she punched circles out of and then she adhered them around the border of the background page.   All of the papers have a “quilt” feel to them including the mats behind the photos.  I think it is a really nice touch to not only incorporate the quilt papers but to have the circles as the theme just like the circles in the quilt.

Great job, Terri!  Thanks for sharing – again!

Love to all of you and God bless!


2 thoughts on “Grandma’s Quilt

  1. Very touching. Grandma would be proud. Little did she know when she was making this quilt , that her granddaughter would leave a memory of her to share. I love the old fashioned quilts. I need to learn to make some. My sewing maching is not working so well right now. Anyway, such a beautiful thing to do for grandma. A good job making this look old fashioned.

  2. My grandmother was a excellent quilt maker, winning first prize at the fairs. She made quilts for everyone on her children (6) every grandchild (12) and baby quilts for the great grandchildren. A very special and talented lady.

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