Project Life Week 50

It is almost Christmas!  I have three gift cards to buy this morning and then I am through.  Of course I have wrapping (got some of that done) and baking to do.  On Sunday my grandkids and I decorated a few gingerbread men (no they weren’t homemade).  Yesterday, Absey and I made some fudge.  I think she really enjoyed it.  We remembered later that we forgot to wear our aprons.  Today, when we make cookies. 😉

Left side of PL week 50.

Left side of PL week 50.

The top left pocket holds a PL card and I adhered a small card to it and put week 50 on it with chipboard letters and numbers.  The memories card describes what is happening in the pics.  A lot of the pics are blurry because they are night time and with my cell phone.  What was happening was Santa was riding a fire truck and going through out our neighborhood playing music and waving to everyone.  Families were outside.  Absey and Matthew were SO excited!  It took a few hours longer than we anticipated for him to arrive but it was worth the wait.

The bottom right picture is of the screen at our church.  The picture on the screen was designed by Tim.  His name is getting around about how good he is at that on the computer (and on his phone).

Right side of PL week 50.

Right side of PL week 50.

The right card is a PL card with candy cane stickers.  The upper right picture is of Amber and the grandkids getting ready to go see Santa.  They were excited to go but then they got scared and didn’t want to sit with him.  🙂

The pics of the kids being swung by Grandpa are after church on Sunday.  He is good at swinging them both at once.  Usually Absey wants to do it on her own.  Independent girl!

The small pic next to the one of the swings is poor little Matthew.  Most of his naps are in the car because we are driving in it so often taking people to school and work (and picking them up).

The next small pic is a new organization idea I got off a YouTube video.  It is using the peel off hooks to hold your pot lids to the inside of the cabinet door.  It is really nice to grab the lids and it helps keep things from sliding around so much.

Finally the last pic is of Matthew and I at the park in our neighborhood.  We saw a bird and followed it to the lake.  Then we took a turn on the swing.  What you don’t see is as soon as he got into the car he was throwing up.  Poor little man.  He didn’t feel good for a few days.

Well, that is all.  So excited to end this year of PL.  I think I have a new plan for next year.  It will make it easier and faster.

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 50

  1. Another fun week!! Only a couple more weeks, It’s hard to believe the year is almost over. I bet it is neat to look at your Project Life book and review the years events.

  2. I know it was hard work making cookies and candies with the grandkids but so worth it. Yes, you must wear an apron. Apron? I haven’t seen one in years. Maybe that’s why I have grease stains on some of my clothes. The gingerbread cookie pictures are so cute. Little kids light up when they see Santa at a distant. ha Would you sit on a fat guys lap in a red suit and having a big white beard? Guess so if there are presents in store. Yes, Tim is getting to be quite known for his artistry. Glad he can do something for the church. Grandpa is a fun guy to have around for pushing you in a swing. A great time. Christmas is so much fun for the little ones, but also tiring. So much going on. Hope everyone is feeling better. You have had an exciting month. Winding down for the year. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years in the Turner Family Household.

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