Project Life Week 49

Hello friends,

Beautiful December days in South Carolina.  Weather doesn’t feel like Christmas should but short sleeves in Dec – who can complain?

Left side of PL week 49.

Left side of PL week 49.

The top left pic is a pic of the TV of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  I’ve always loved to watch it until the end – until Santa passes by.  He is such an awesome Santa!

The small pocket is Absey hugging her grandma (ME!) right before we ate our Thanksgiving feast.  Then the next small pocket described our day.

The bottom vertical pic is of Brad and his turkey drumstick (his favorite part of the bird).

The two horizontal pics are of our family (except the picture taker -Brad) and our feast and then of Matthew with the other turkey drumstick.  He didn’t like it as well as his grandpa.  Give him a few years.

Right side of PL week 49.

Right side of PL week 49.

The top small pic is of Tim.  Tim is covering his swollen mouth – swollen from having his wisdom teeth removed. The next one over is of Tim and Ben.

Next, the week 49 card, it talks about all of the pics.

One horizontal slot is filled with a yellow PL card and a sticker that says “Cheese”.

The next horizontal slot is a pic of Absey attacking the fruit platter.  She could eat fruit breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Finally, the bottom vertical pic is of Tim teasingly taking turkey from the dog.  The dog didn’t think it was very funny.

This whole layout consisted of Thanksgiving day. That is how it works sometimes.  Project Life is personal.

Complete PL layout.

Complete PL layout.

That is it for this layout.  Excited to finish this year!

God bless!




2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 49

  1. We are expecting a snow tomorrow. I would trade frost bite for a sun burn anytime. Sand in my shoes, over frostbite toes any day. It’s not fun to make fun of us eskimos living here in the state of Kansas. You people with your short sleeve shirts and sandals. You make very jealous people out this way. ha

    I never could watch all the Thanksgiving Day parade. Loved all the balloons though. Did you remember the real one you seen?

    Thats Thanksgiving hug Abby gave you was truly a blessing to be thankful for.

    Brads the smart one. The leg is the most moist part of the turkey. Now, I’m beginning to like it. Courtney and Michael always eat the leg. Don’t tell Matthew, and leave more for Brad.

    Too bad Tim has dental work on the holiday. Hope he got to eat some food. Mashed potatoes and gravy is a good choice.

    Little Diego and his turkey. I know he enjoyed every little tidbit. Maybe it’s because he is a little turkey himself.

    The year is winding down for the Turner Family. And what a year it was.

  2. I love the crispy skin of the turkey-but my inlaw’s cook the turkey in a bag, so it’s juicy, but I don;t get the skin crispy..Bet you guys enjoy the kids ,feeling the house with excitement. I agree with Abbey I like fruit also.

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