Project Life Week 48

Hey y’all,

This southern lady is trying to get caught up on her Project Life Album.

Left side of PL week 48.

Left side of PL week 48.

A lot of this layout is of random shots of the kids being…….kids.  The first shot is of Matthew in nothing but his Pull  Up and Uncle Tim’s Supreme Hat.  Tim was not a happy camper.  I did put several border stickers on the pictures.  I put a really cute one on this pic that says, “My Little Animal”.

The pic on the right side of the page is of Tim being really swollen after having his wisdom teeth cut out.  I posted this pic on FaceBook and he made me delete it.  Shhh, Don’t tell him it is on my blog.  Of course, I have a really cute PL card that has the word DETAILS and a hand pointing to Tim.  I explained what the swollen cheeks were about on the card.  I had a decorative PL card above that one.

The bottom of the page consists of two pics.  The one of Matthew was where I actually found him in the dryer.  The one of Absey is where she insisted on having her picture taken.  I created a week 48 card for a small slot.  The small PL card (on the bottom) says, “This is the really good stuff”.  I love that card because it is so true.  Everyday life is the really good stuff.

Right side of PL week 48.

Right side of PL week 48.

The first little slot has a pic of what Tim ate for the first few days after having his wisdom teeth removed.  The small slot beneath it has a card I trimmed down that says:

“Cherish yesterday,

Dream tomorrow,

Live today.”

Scrappers are great at the “Cherish yesterday” thing.  The next big slot on top has a PL index card where I explained all the pictures and it also has a movie ticket to the Hunger Games attached to it.  I had been looking forward to that movie since I saw the last one.

The top horizontal picture is of a banner of when Brad and I went to “Christmas Made in the South”.  We went last year and I knew I wanted to return.  Lots of arts and crafts.  (We went to the movie afterwards).

The bottom horizontal picture is of Absey and a completed puzzle.  For a week or two the two of us went puzzle crazy.  I loved it.  I think we are going to  do it again real soon.  🙂

The vertical bottom slot has a PL decorative card.  I added a cute sticker about family.

Complete PL week 48 layout.

Complete PL week 48 layout.

Another week is documented.  Getting close to the end of the year.  A whirlwind time.  🙂

God bless!





2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 48

  1. Those little pull ups are one of the greatest things invented. All I had for the kids were those old cloth diapers and a few plastic ones. Now they all these real cute designs. It’s a wonder little kids want to be potty trained. Who wants to give up those cute diapers. Do adults have any? ha Maybe roses for women and deer heads for men. Love Tim’s hat. Does it mean he is supreme ruler of the house or is it Pizza Hut. Glad he is doing well with the teeth. Was the chicken soup for him? We need to call him Alvin with his swollen jaw. Don’t think that would go over very well. I wonder what it is about a dryer that little kids want to crawl in? Is there a hidden door way there to toy land or something? Seems all my kids have tried this one. As for Abby. She’s a born model. She loves getting her picture taken. Lucky you she will pose for you. Looks like you had a busy week as usual. Nothing new huh? Time is coming to a close for the year. Time to plan for the new one, or are you going to tackle this again? Sure has been some happy days and some sad times, lucky we have God there in our lives. These are the moments in time of the Turner Bunch.

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