Project Life Week 47

Hi guys!

Not as many blog post with the craziness of my life.  That’s ok.  It will settle down.  Keep checking I will keep posting.

Left side of PL week 47.

Left side of PL week 47.

The first pic is of Tim.  He is working at ChicFilA.  One of his friends took the picture.  The bottom left pic is of Absey running for a fun run at school.  She ran 13 laps and we donated $13.  On the right side of the page is Brad blowing out his 50th birthday candles (I put my hand in front of his face because I wanted him to wait because I didn’t think the camera was ready – it was.).  Above that pic is a brochure of a church we toured earlier that day.  Brad and I spent all day together on his birthday.  Then we had dinner and cheesecake with the family at home.

Right side of PL week 47.

Right side of PL week 47.

The bottom of the page is Brad and I at a movie theater in Hilton Head.  They had leather reclining seats that were awesome.  The pictures on the top of the page is of the kids in new winter coats that we bought.  A unexpected cold front moved in and the winter before they had lived in AZ and didn’t have  winter coats.  The bottom right pic is of Absey with her school project.  They were supposed to disguise a turkey so that it wouldn’t get caught and ate.  We disguised her turkey like a “Frozen” character.  I made a felt hat and attached a braid onto it.  She helped to color the turkey.  It turned out real cute and it gave me a chance to bust out my creativity.  On the small cards on this page I had the details of the pictures, a newspaper ad of a Fall Festival that Brad and I went to on his birthday, and the movie ticket from the movie we went to.

Fun times!

Another week documented!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Project Life Week 47

  1. Tim looks pretty comfortable at his job. Most kids are a little worried they won’t do good. Glad he likes it. It teaches them responsibility. It’s fun to see the kids doing their school activities. Bet it brought memories back of the boys. They are so thrilled when family comes to see them at school. My son is fifty. Can’t believe it. He still acts like a kid. Maybe thats why he is so much fun to be around. Laughter keeps us young at heart. Happy you spent the day together. A movie and dinner is a good thing. The church is very pretty. Little kids and their new coats. Looking happy to have them. Love the little picture of the turkey. You and Abby had some girl time. She looks very proud of her art work. It is cute. So goes the days, weeks, and months in the Turner year.

  2. Looks like Tim is liking his job. He’s going up !! I remember his baby shower at my house. I’m glad you and Brad get to escape to have some time together. Happy birthday to Brad!! Looks like the kids give you lots of Life and Love in your house.

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