A Zipping Post


This will be the last post using zippers – at least for awhile.  This layout is from my scrapbooking bestie, Terri.  We were in KS and recorded a You Tube video on zippers but it didn’t work out.  I got home expecting to post the video when I discovered that it wasn’t there.  Bummer.

Terri's version of Zippin Along.

Terri’s version of Zippin Along.

Terri used a two page layout.  Her zipper was too long for the first page so she cut it off and put the short section on the second page.  She machine stitched the zipper on the first page of the layout.  On her title she used a pen and made it look like a zipper on the letters.  Of course she matted all the photos.

The second page of the two page layout.

The second page of the two page layout.

On the second page she glued the small zipper down.  On the bottom of the page she tore a piece of paper and then with her pen made it look like part of a zipper on the bottom.  Then she journaled on the top of the torn piece of paper.

A really fun layout.

Thanks, Terri, and God bless everyone!


One thought on “A Zipping Post

  1. So clever. Cute saying on words. They sure are zipping along. The song “On The Road Again.” comes to mind. The machine stitching was hard to do I bet. Sure made the page come alive though. Neat idea to put the rest of the zipper on another page. Like all the different colors of green. The brown then really shows it off. The dirt road and the old bridge are cool pictures. Very fun page.

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