Project Life Week 45

Howdy folks!

This was a fun layout but at the same time I had to leave out a lot of pictures.  It was the week that I took a very quick but very busy trip back to KS.

Left side of PL week 45.

Left side of PL week 45.

The top left pic is of my sweet niece in the school parade as Laura Ingalls (Little House on the Prairie).  Then the top two small pics are of my plane getting maintenance in Atlanta and me holding my nieces sweet pup, Rosie.  I sent the pic to my son, Tim, to make him jealous.  I succeeded.  He wanted me to kidnap her when I flew back.  I would have broke three little girls’ hearts.  The top right pic is of me with my nephew, Levi, after his football game.  He did most excellent.  The score was 42-0.

The bottom pic is of two of my nieces dressed in their Halloween costumes.  One was Anna (Frozen) and one was a butterfly.  The bottom small cards tell a quick story of the time in KS.  The bottom right card is of the game schedule for my nephew this year.

The right side of PL week 45.

The right side of PL week 45.

The top two small pics is one pic cut in the middle of scrapbook night at my bud Linda’s house.  A fun time!  Not as big of turnout as last time because it was on Halloween.  The picture right underneath is of my family after my nephew’s football game.  The pic right below that is me and three wonderful friends after lunch at Red Lobster.

The two pics on the right side of the page are my two KS grandkids in their Halloween costumes.  A marine and Wonder Woman.  Awesome!

Well, Project Life week 45 complete!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 45

  1. You got a lot done on your Kansas trip. It was nice to see Jeff’s son at his football game. I’m sure it made him feel special to have his Aunt there. Also the little girls and their costumes. So cute. Sure was relieved Diego didn’t see you hug Rosie. He would be so jealous. Maybe even tear up one of his favorite blankies. Tim too. A great time to see all the grandkids dressed up in their Halloween gear. It had to be a blast to see them. As for friends—that’s always a fun time. So goes another week in the Turner household and getting near to the finish line for the year.

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