“Bear”y Sweet Layout

Hi guys!

On today’s layout I used a play on words.  There is a big teddy bear in the picture with my little granddaughter.  I decided to make the title “A Bear-y Sweet Girl.  But instead of spelling bear I put a picture of a teddy bear.

My bear y sweet granddaughter.

My bear y sweet granddaughter.

To make the layout I used a piece of decorative paper that came in the scrapbook I am using for my granddaughter.  It had a great place to put a title above and below the picture.  I used different pink decorative alpha stickers.  I put hearts on either side of the word “girl” down below the picture.  I then attached the picture without matting it. There really wasn’t any room to mat the picture without having it go over into the title area.  To make the picture looked more finished added a light piece of decorative aluminum to just one corner of the picture.  For some reason I couldn’t get the adhesive to stick so I attached it with three tiny pink brads.  I also added the date using plastic letters and numbers.

Very cute layout for a very cute girl!

God bless!


2 thoughts on ““Bear”y Sweet Layout

  1. Looks like Lilli and the teddy bear have a secret. She looks a little shy to have her picture taken and has a nervous giggle. I love to hear little girl giggles. Cute little top. Teddy bears and little girls go together. Very sweet.

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