Making a Porthole

Hello friends,

Today’s picture is of something I want to do if I return to this little Cay.  It is a humongous inflatable water slide.  We saw it right before we left the cay and it looked like so much fun.

I decided to make a porthole as decoration for this layout.  I am partial to the porthole because there was one in our room.  To make the porthole I punched a circle out of decorative paper and then put water paper behind it.  I then attached one more piece of paper behind that just to add more decoration and depth.  I put a dolphin jumping in the center of the porthole.  I added an adhesive decorative border of waves across the bottom and continued it across the page.

Something that I want to do - I love water slides!

Something that I want to do – I love water slides!

I had a brochure that told a couple of fun facts about Little Stirrup Cay.  I trimmed it up and attached it to the layout.  I then attached the picture to a piece of yellow decorative paper and attached it to the layout and turned over the layout and trimmed off the excess.  To finish off the layout I added a few stickers and a journaling tag.

There are a lot of things to do on a cruise and sometimes you have to pick and choose and sometimes you just don’t know about your options.  This is one of the things that I missed out on.  It is much bigger than it looks in the picture.  Next time!

God bless!




2 thoughts on “Making a Porthole

  1. A giant water slide. Now, that could be something I might try. At least it’s nice and soft and not a hard surface. Little easier on the old behind. Sure looks fun. I like the bight yellow paper for the sun and the blue for the water. Little splash of water to show the fun. I imagine more splashed of water if I slid down. The littler port hole with the dolphin is a happy note. Fun day. I wonder if someone is sliding down right now?

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