Project Life Week 38

Hello buds,

Today I come at ya with another Project Life layout.  This one came together fast.  I had a lot of pics to choose from.  Tim’s first working experience, driving experience, friends from KS visiting….

Left side of PL week 38.

Left side of PL week 38.

The first picture is of costumes that I had bought for my grandkids for Halloween.  Normally I wait until a week or so before and go buy them and then mail them.  There isn’t a lot to choose from.  This year I decided to buy them early and get the choice costumes.  My granddaughter in TX decided she wanted to be a Frozen character (blue outfit) so I had to take the Sophie outfit back.  My granddaughter in KS wanted to be Wonder Woman.  There isn’t that costume at the store (no matter how early I shop ) so I found it on ebay.  It was mailed to her and her parents let her try it on early – the small pic is of the little beauty.  My oldest grandson is going to be a Marine and my youngest is going to be Spiderman.

The next pic is of Tim coming out after his first day of working at Chick Fil A.  My boy is growing up!

The alligator is actually on the ceiling of a new hamburger joint that Brad and I tried.

Last but not least (on this page) is a pic of my new (bought on ebay) dehydrator with apples being dried out.

Right side of PL week 38.

Right side of PL week 38.

The first pic is of Tim’s first driving experience.  He has been studying his handbook but his dad decided to take him in a little used parking lot to give it a try.

Below it (little pic) is of the lighthouse on Tybee island.  On the card next to it I explained how I picked up my friends, Bonnie and Carmela, at the airport in Jacksonville.  On the way home we took a detour to see the lighthouse.  It was closed and it was dark out side but the lighthouse was lit up.  It was very beautiful and none of us had ever experienced that.

The top right pic is of the three of us on a dolphin cruise.  The flag (below it) is on the boat that took us.  The little pic on the far right is on the lighthouse on Hilton Head – at the top of course (I cut the strip of a picture that we took that said, “Welcome to the top of the lighthouse” and put it on a blank PL card.  The rest of the card I decorated with my Week 38, a chipboard palm tree, and a sticker that says,

“Palm trees

ocean breeze

Salty air –

sunkissed hair

That endless


Take me there…”

The bottom left pic is of all of our feet with 2014 written in the sand.

Complete layout of PL week 38.

Complete layout of PL week 38.

That is all for week 38’s layout.  It was a crazy few days with my friends.  We left in the morning and only once got home before 9 – yes pm.

Hope you have some special friends to laugh with – we did a lot of that!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 38

  1. Halloween is just around the corner. We get about 30 or 40 kids a year. A lot less than we used to. I know the kids will look so cute in there costumes. Hope we can get pictures. I can just see little Matthew as Spiderman. He is a hero. A pretty little Abby as a princess in Frozen. Fits her to a T. I seen sweet cute Lilly in her costume. She looked so happy and proud. Ethan as a Marine. I can see that very clear. I hope he never becomes one. I’m selfish I guess. So proud of Tim and his job. Happy he likes it. This will give him some self esteem and learn responsibility. Clayton worked there and loved it. As for an alligator on the ceiling while I am eating doesn’t sound like a relaxed enjoyable meal. Good hamburger YES, a creature with lots of teeth NO. You will love those dried apples. You can use them in cookies and cakes too. It will be fun trying new things. Picking up friends is fun to catch up all the latest news from home. The lighthouse is pretty at night. You do love lighthouses. They are kind of mysterious. Another exciting week in the Turner household.

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