Using Another Amy Tangerine Idea

Hi guys!

Today I am using another one of Amy Tangerine’s ideas.  I saw it on her blog and scraplifted it right onto my layout.  Like a lot of her ideas that I scraplift it has to do with hand sewing.

Here is the layout I created:

On an excursion on Little Stirrup Cay.

On an excursion on Little Stirrup Cay.

The part that I stole from Amy is the the circle created with twine.  Here is how I created it:

First I found the background paper I wanted and figured out the basic design of the page.  I knew that I wanted a piece of decorative paper that would be included where the circle was going to be so I went ahead and adhered that piece of paper.  I then went to work on the circle.

I first punched out a large circle out of scrap paper.  I figured out where I wanted the circle out of twine, turned the background paper over and traced the punched circle onto the background paper.  I then laid the paper on top of a piercing mat.   Using a clear ruler I started at the top of the circle and made dots on each side of the circle (one on each side evenly space all the way down).  I then poked holes where all the dots were made.  I used a paper piercer.

I threaded twine onto a needle and starting from the back I started sewing.  I made sure that anytime I went across the circle it was on the front of the layout.  I would poke from the back, go across the circle, poked down from the front, go down to the next hole on the same side of the layout and start all over.

The back of the twine circle.

The back of the twine circle.

This is what the back ended up looking like.  I taped down all the ends with washi tape.  This used a lot of twine so I had to reload in the middle.

The front of the twine circle.

The front of the twine circle.

This is what the front looks like.  I think you can understand more from looking at the picture than from my written instructions.  I REALLY like this embellishment I created directly onto the papers.

After creating the twine embellishment I matted all the pics and attached them to the layout.  I also attached a journaling tag.  The last step was a few stickers.  Need them on most layouts.

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2 thoughts on “Using Another Amy Tangerine Idea

  1. You did have a fun nature walk and the little circle is very creative. I know it must of been time consuming but so worth it. The twine fits right in with all the outdoor activities. The little stickers tell the whole adventure of the day. Such a cute and clever way to post your pictures.

  2. I agree with Janice that the twine fits the nature look. I like the circle, I will have to try this idea. Page looks really good. I also need to check out Amy’s ideas.

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