Project Life Week 37

Hello guys!

Another week in all of our lives is finished – mine is documented. ¬†ūüôā

I have been thinking about getting a part time job after the first of the year. ¬†I’m not sure I will have time for Project Life with a job. ¬†At first I was toying with just doing Project Life until Tim graduates from high school. ¬†Then I started thinking about when the grandkids are down, when we have company, holidays – I would want all of those things documented. ¬†Then I was also thinking about finishing this year and then doing another album Tim’s senior year. ¬†I guess I just don’t know what the future holds with this. ¬†I think it is amazing. ¬†It is my husband’s favorite album. ¬†We’ll see….

So… is this week’s layout.

Left side of PL week 37.

Left side of PL week 37.

For some reason this week Tim and I took a lot of cute pics of Diego.  The top pics are of a costume we bought him (I have been looking for Halloween costumes for my grandkids).  Tim tried the piggie costume on him and it was not long enough.  We still had to snap a few shots.  I realize Diego is a BOY dog but the piggie costume was pink so I went with a pink theme.  I had dachshund stickers that I had been wanting to use for a long time.  Perfect time to get those babies out.  The bottom pic is of Diego saying it is bedtime.  He was caught right in the middle of a yawn.

Right side of PL week 37.

Right side of PL week 37.

I continued the next page with two more Diego shots – Tim trying to teach him to skateboard. ¬†Not going to happen. ¬†The next pic is of Tim slouching in a chair with his controller in his lap and his phone in his hand. ¬†This is how he spends much of his free time at home – playing games, texting, or on instagram. ¬†The last pic is of Ethan with his first pair of glasses. ¬†Brad said they make him look smart – that is because he IS smart. ¬†ūüôā

The journaling card has a sticker that says, “I need my space”. ¬†I journaled how Tim has a lot of his own space. ¬†His room is upstairs and then there is a loft (shown) where he games and watches TV. ¬†I then put a brad of a pair of glasses and told about Ethan. ¬†The bottom card is a PL card that says, “Happy Day”. ¬†I attached an iron on with glue dots. ¬†It is an old iron on where all the stuff on the back was crumbling off. ¬†I took off what was remaining before attaching it. ¬†Really adds a lot of cuteness to the layout.

Complete PL week 37 layout.

Complete PL week 37 layout.

Well, that is another week wrapped up.  Hope your week is full of goodness!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 37

  1. Torturing the poor dog!! I’m surprised he kept the costume on long enough to take a picture. Ethan looks good in his new glasses.

  2. You just can not beat the cuteness of Diego. What a dog!! He is a little piglet but so far it hasn’t shown. Cute costume. I remember the hot dog one. Pig–hot dog—hummmm. I see a trend here. Just looking at Diego’s yawn has caused me to pause and yawn. It’s catching. Diego and I have one thing in common, Skate boarding is not our thing. Tim and Grandpa has something in common too. Grandpa lounging in chair with remote in his hand and a computer mouse near by. He never kept up with the times. Ethan is a cool one in his man glasses. I noticed he was squinting a lot when he was here this summer. Hope the glasses help. All those little items of stickers and iron ons add a lot of fun to the page. So goes another chapter in the Turners lives in a long hot summer. PS I noticed a help wanted ad at a craft shop. Just for the holidays. I’m tempted to apply.

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