Double Layout – Engraving a Metal Heart

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Today’s layout(s) turned out a little different than I had envisioned.  I intended to make a single page layout with the daily agenda that the cruise ship had provided and the 5″x7″ that we had bought on the cruise.  When I went to put the page together I realized that the big agenda and the big picture would not fit on the same page.  I REALLY wanted them together.

What I did was make a two page layout.  I used the same decorative cardstock for both pages as the background page.  I started with the left page and added the agenda.  I then matted a picture of me as I first entered Little Stirrup Cay.  I just had the matting showing on the top and the bottom of the picture.  I attached the picture (it is 4″x6″) butted up against the daily agenda.  I matted the large picture on the same paper that I matted the 4″x6″ picture.  I then added a large sticker of a cruise ship that came in the kit that I purchased on board of the Fascination.

Left side of double layout.

Left side of double layout.

Right side – I had already matted the large picture and I attached it to the right side of the page.  I added a metal heart that I had made in Kansas – attaching it with glue dots.  I then added three stickers that were butted up against eachother.  One of them hung over the edge and I cut off the extra and put it on the left side of the layout.  I made sure that they lined up exactly.  The only other thing I added to the layout was a die-cut that said “Smile”.

Right side of double layout.

Right side of double layout.

Complete layout.

Complete layout.

To make the metal heart I had the piece of metal and I scratched the B+D into it with sharp tweezers.  I was in KS when I did this so I didn’t have a lot of tools with me so I got creative.  I then put a few layers of acrylic paint on top of the heart (making sure it got into the letters).  I used a heat gun and dried the paint and then rubbed off all that was on top of the heart.  It left what was inside the letters.  Here is a link to the You Tube video that I already published because it has another project on it also.  Please take a look.

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3 thoughts on “Double Layout – Engraving a Metal Heart

  1. That was a fun video. You could make a million things out of the medals. Seems like you and Terri had a fun and messy time. The little heart reminds me of school days, and on our notebooks was the story of our love life. Sweet times. The more I watch your scrap booking, the more I want to try. So many things to use to make it so interesting. Neat and tidy or messy and not so tidy makes a fun night of scrap booking with a friend.

  2. I wondered a little about that. Like the background paper. Palm trees and pineapples. Of course the little metal heart that you so carefully made. The flippers—I think not. The smile—Yes. No one would ever guess you were tourist in the picture. The back packs and cameras may give it away.

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