Project Life Week 3


What a fun and busy week we’ve had. ┬áIf it wasn’t for Project Life (PL) some of these things would have been forgotten if someone didn’t bring them up to me.

Both pages of PL.

Both pages of PL.

The left page of PL.

The left page of PL.

The right page of PL.

The right page of PL.

– Visiting battleships and submarines.

– Learning how to throw knives.

– Going to the dentist and LOOKING GOOD!

– Marching in the MLK parade.

– Getting our furniture repaired.

– Trying out new and healthier recipes.

Parts of our week #3 of 2014.

God bless you and your family and have a wonderful weekend!



One thought on “Project Life Week 3

  1. Looks like another fun week. It’s fun visiting different sights. Tim’s grandfather was on a big air craft carrier named the BonHomme Richard. I was on it once. They are huge. Tim does look nice with his teeth fixed all up. Now he has a pretty smile. As for knife throwing. Are you sure you want Brad and Tim to know that? Could be a handy little thing for you to learn. Could get homework done a little faster. Glad you got your chair fixed. When you have something you like broken, it’s almost like losing something special in your life. Nice you and Brad are eating healthier. You can still have something once a week you really like. Anyway, walking in the parade was a good thing. Wish my week was so full.

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