Project Life Week 2

Hi friends,

Another Friday and another week of Project Life.  I am still really enjoying this.  I am still struggling to remember to take pics.  The problem I had this week was I started putting my little Nikon in my purse so I would have it where ever I went.  It is very small and would slide to the bottom and be forgotten.  I think it will work out best if I keep it on the counter to be seen at all times.  Keep it more visible.

This week I printed out a “picture” that I found on Facebook.  I really liked it and saved it.

My Face Book find that I thought would look nice in my album.

My Facebook find that I thought would look nice in my album.

I wasn’t sure if you would be able to read it in my album pics so I wanted to guarantee that you could see my cool find by putting it in my post, too.

The left side of the Project Life (PL) week 2 layout.

The left side of the Project Life (PL) week 2 layout.

To make the week 2 card I took one of PL’s cards and added Thickers.  I did have to trim a little bit of all the WEEK letters to make them fit.  The card with leaves all over it is actually one of their private journaling cards.  You can tell if you look closely – the left corners are square corners whereas the rest of PL’s corners are rounded.  So, anything personal you don’t mind your family seeing but don’t want the whole world to see you write on the journaling card, fold it in the middle (it comes with a crease), and then place it in the pocket.

Right side of PJ week 2 layout.

Right side of PL week 2 layout.

First of all let me say I hate that picture of me but it is a selfie and the only picture I took that day.  It is of me going to Ladies’ Bible Study.  It is a big deal because it is the first step in making church friends.  One thing different that I did on this page was on the top journaling card I wrote about the first picture in orange and then when I talked about the second picture I started a new line and a new color of ink.  Usually I draw a little arrow to point to the picture but I thought this was nicer.


Both pages of the layout side by side.

Both pages of the layout side by side.

Well this is a brief version of my week.  Out to lunch with new neightbor/friend.  Picking up Tim from school because of headaches.  Out to dinner with my hubby at a Japanese steakhouse.  Fixing our fence.  Trying to eat healthier.  Sneaking in a movie once in a while.  Going to ladies’ Bible study.  Sounds pretty good, huh (besides the headaches)?  Just a snapshot of our life.

Hope you are doing well!

God bless and have a wonderful weekend!


One thought on “Project Life Week 2

  1. What a fun week you had. Except for Tim’s headache. You are going to have so much fun with this project. Having lunch with a neighbor is a good way to learn about the neighborhood and making friends. I would love to go to a Japanese Steak House. I went one time. If I remember correctly, you and Brad took me and EJ in Wichita. It was fun and oh so good. Glad you are both starting to eat better. I’m thinking it’s a lost cause with this family. We love our sugar too much!! Movies are always a fun thing to do. EJ is not the type, so I seldom get to see any. As for church, it’s always a good thing to do. We, (EJ, me, Cindy, Courtney, Michael) go to church, but we need to get into Sunday School. Remember the song “Everybody
    ought to go to Sunday School?” So true. Fun looking at your week. Like all the little additions to the page. Makes it interesting to look at.

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