Minnie Mouse – Lots of Sparkle

Hi Creative Ones,

My Absey was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  I wanted to make this layout sparkle as much as she did.  I had found a sticker that said Minnie Mouse awhile back.  I decided to make a sequin pouch.  I did this before but I changed it up a bit.  This time I used a sturdier plastic.  The pouch was being refurbished from packaging.  It was the perfect size and it had a fold down top.  All I needed to do was throw in the sequins and sew down the top.  Before I used thin baggie material and this would have been difficult but with the thicker plastic it worked out perfectly.

My perfect glitter pouch.

My perfect sequin pouch.

I used sparkly pink thread to sew it shut and I prepoked the holes.  If I didn’t already have a pouch I could have created it by folding a piece of pliable plastic in half and sewing the sides shut.  Then I could have inserted the sequins and sewn the top shut.  This was my original plan before I found the pouch.

I new that I wanted a bright pink cardstock for the background paper.  I also knew that the picture wouldn’t pop on that color so I adhered an 8 1/2″x11″ piece of black cardstock to the pink.  I placed four pink glitter photo holders on each corner to add extra shine.  I printed the picture with a border – no matting for this layout.  I then adhered the photo – making sure the sequin pouch had just the right amount of room below it.  I put adhesive on the back of the pouch but just where I had sewn.  I wasn’t sure if it would hold but it did fine.  And…the adhesive didn’t show through.  Finally, I added the Minnie Mouse, flowers, and bow stickers (A last minute find that are perfect).  The last thing I did was to journal using a silver gel pen.

Scanned, incomplete layout.

Scanned, incomplete layout.

Complete layout taken with my cell phone camera.

Complete layout taken with my cell phone camera.

What a cutie petutie!

Hope your day is wonderful!

God bless!




One thought on “Minnie Mouse – Lots of Sparkle

  1. Cutest Minnie I ever saw. Love the little pink dotted bows that match the dress, and all the pretty glitter. That Minnie is a Diva alright!!

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