Wonderful Week

This has been such a grand week.  I was really looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time.  This is the first time I haven’t had at least one of my older children and their family with us at Christmas.  I thought I might get really sad but this year I was fine.  Part of it was my husband  has had off since last Friday.  We’ve done a little work around the house (very little) and just enjoyed being together.  The weather was wonderful on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Short and t-shirt weather wonderful.  Part of it was my middle son, and his family, was just here over Thanksgiving.  And finally, part of it was my oldest son and his family took the time to Skype with us while the kids opened their presents from us.  We also received several phone calls and text from family and friends.

Last Friday my son had school so my hubby and I had a day to ourselves.  That was strange and nice.  We drove around and checked out places that we hadn’t seen around our town.  We came across a public dock and a beautiful old church.  We then went to an afternoon showing of “The Hobbit”.  It was good and definitely left an opening for the next movie in the series.

A view from the public dock.

A view from the public dock.

The beautiful old church.

The beautiful old church.

On Christmas eve we helped make baskets with our church.  They were going to deliver them to people who had to work on Christmas Eve.  Then we went to a community candlelight service that was held outdoors.  Couldn’t do that in KS.  🙂  It was still pretty chilly but it was delightful!

My husband got me an electric bike for Christmas.  Several years ago I hurt my hip and it hurts to pedal a bike.  I loved to bike so it was a sacrifice to quit.  I didn’t even think of physical therapy at the time (busy homeschooling and having a toddler) but looking back I should have.  Back in ’06 my hubby got me an electric scooter.  It still works and I enjoy it tremendously but this bike has some perks.  First, it looks like a bike.  Second, if I run out of juice (electricity) I can pedal.

Riding my bike.  Tim was getting a free skateboard ride.

Riding my bike. Tim was getting a free skateboard ride.

Tim got a camcorder/camera that attaches to his helmet for Christmas.  At one point he recorded us while he was getting pulled along.

Brad got a tablet for Christmas.  He has all kinds of things like that but this one has a built in stand.  Brad likes to watch his geeky videos as he falls asleep.  The problem was he had to hold his phone or try and prop it up.  Problem solved.

Brad at his desk with his tablet and a lot of other computery things.

Brad at his desk with his tablet and a lot of other computery things.

After presents we had a nice dinner at home.  We then went to the movies with our neighbors.  We saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  We really enjoyed it.  It was a nice way to end our Christmas day.

I pray that all of you had a wonderful Christmas.

God bless!





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  1. What a nice Christmas you had. I know it’s lonely without family. It’s good you have each other to do things with. You two always seem to find fun things to do and see. That old church is great. Love the door and the neat trees in front. The dock was fun to see. I’m sure you will enjoy your rides, and Brad can have his daily chuckle for the day before sleep. Tim on the other hand will have to be watched closely. Don’t want him taking pictures of unwanted videos to school. (Just teasing Tim.) I know you will take some fantastic shots. So happy you all had such a nice Christmas. Now back to the not so finer things in life. You will get many blessing for your kindness at church. We sure miss and love you guys.

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