It is Almost Here

It has been a crazy week that made me kind of crazy a few times.  Let me explain. First, with a picture:

The mail line (which I stood in several times).

The mail line (which I stood in several times).

I actually didn’t mind waiting in line.  I like watching and listening to people (when I’m not in a hurry).  But I was ignorant over mailing boxes.  I didn’t realize I couldn’t mail  anything in a liquor box.  My husband and I don’t consume alcohol and so this is even more absurd.  We didn’t have enough boxes (which is crazy because we recycled so many after we moved) so we picked up some boxes setting in front of a liquor store.  Part of our boxes I mailed in an self help postage machine.  Later in the day a box was delivered back to me because it was in a liquor box.  The mailman explained it to me and said that we were out of the $.  Almost $20.


The post office hadn’t touched the front of the package so the postage looked fine.  My husband and I put brown paper all over the sides and bottom of the package and taped it up really well. I then took it back to the post office and dropped it in the mail chute.  I fully expected it to come back to my house…..still waiting.  Hoping it makes it to my son’s and his family’s house by Christmas.

The last couple of days hasn’t been near as hectic.  I’ve slowed down and breathed.  I am feeling a lot better and am now ready to partake of what the holiday is supposed to be about.

I am putting up one more picture.  It was taken a couple of weeks ago when my son marched in the parade with his ROTC group.  So handsome.  Proud mama here.

ROTC - Bluffton Christmas parade.

ROTC – Bluffton Christmas parade.

Tim is the 2nd one over on the third row (not including the leader).

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!


One thought on “It is Almost Here

  1. Real proud of Tim. He seems to really like the ROTC. He looks handsome in his uniform. As for the liquor box, I didn’t know that either. That’s kind of silly. They should have a sign that tells you which kind of boxes cannot be used. Guess they make money that way. I would be totally enraged. The post office should have to reimburse. Oh well, can’t fight the government. I’m like you, hurry, hurry, hurry. Finally I can relax. I shouldn’t gripe, God has given me the energy to do these things.

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