Showing Off the Transparency

Hi friends,

Last time I used transparencies on my layout it didn’t scan well.  I decided to try again but use a lighter background paper.  It worked well.  I used a pale blue background paper.  I punched stars.  Before I adhered my pictures I cut around the people and then I matted the top part of the pictures. After deciding where I wanted my star transparencies to be I used a paper piercer and pierced both the transparency and the paper.  I then used a brad in the center of each star to hold it in place.

Christmas with the family at the Wyrick Hunting Lodge.

Christmas with the family at the Wyrick Hunting Lodge.

I then added a rub on and wrote in the details.  After that I found a few stickers and completed the layout.

Love the subtleness of the transparent stars (before they were too subtle).

Hope your day is a happy one!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Showing Off the Transparency

  1. Like the little stars. Just right for Christmas. Looks like baby brother out grew you at last. I remember when he was just a little blond headed boy. Some happy faces with happy red hats. Tim trying to look surprised? A fun celebration.

  2. I like the touch of Christmas,letting you know when the time was,but the light blue paper instead of Christmas paper so that you emphasized the people more than the season. The transparency stars are a nice touch.

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