Making a Quilted Border

I received a wonderful surprise in the mail a few months ago.  It has been buried in all of my moving stuff.  It was two pictures of me and my high school besties that we had taken while we were together at Christmas in KS.  I decided to go ahead and make a layout of them and eventually I will work them into an album.

I decided to make a quilt look again.  This time I used a large square punch and 5 different scraps of paper.  After I punched out squares from each scrap I cut them all into four triangles.  I then took turns putting them back into squares but I used four different triangles for each square.  I went in order so that all of my triangles were different.  I left a slight gap between each triangle.

Friends for for 35+ years.

Friends for for 35+ years.

Remember that they don’t have to be perfect to look magnificent.  I then added the number border at the side and circled the 25 for Christmas day and then the music border at the bottom of the page.  Christmas always makes me think of music.  Finally I added my two pictures, a few stickers, and finally our names and date.  Love it!

I am getting in the Christmas spirit and it isn’t even Halloween.  :)]

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Making a Quilted Border

  1. That is a good looking group of friends! That’s the best picture I’ve ever taken. My eyes are open!! I like the idea of the quilt block. I’m like you- thinking ahead about the holidays.

  2. It’s nice to have friends after everyone is out of school, married, or working. Not many people can keep up with old friends. You are the lucky ones. The Christmas paper is jolly, as the little reindeer below. The music notes remind me of all the Christmas carols coming our way. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Turkey day, coming up soon. Yum.

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