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Hi my friends, family, and followers,

This is just a quick post because I have FRIENDS visiting today.  My house is crazy with stuff and I have loads to do.  But I am very excited.  It is my friends from NC who have a wee one.  He will be one the last day of November.  I KNOW he has changed so much since we last saw him.  My friends from FL are also coming back because they use to live in NC and know our NC friends.  Confused?  Just know we are going to have a great weekend.

We now have the main level of our home painted.  It looks so much fresher.

Painting in progress.

Painting in progress.

These guys did a super job and they were very reasonable.

These guys did a super job and they were very reasonable.

We have actually hung a few pictures.  Our house is starting to look like our home.  I have also been calling around for piano instructors.  I have found three possibilities.  I think in a few weeks Tim will be starting piano.

I have had a busy week but things are falling in place.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

God bless and talk to you Monday!




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  1. The house is looking so pretty. A few pictures does start to make a house a home. Friends make it a home too. You’ll have a fun visit. Wish I could see the little one. I’m sure he is very cute. Let’s hope piano man brings music to your home and ears. Good times ahead.

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