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Hi friends,

Today I have another awesome layout courtesy of my bud, Terri.  Terri is one hard working lady.  She grows her own garden, has chickens, and in the past has had many farm animals.  She not only grows the veggies but she cans them, too.  This year she canned like CRAZY.  Being a scrapper she documented along the way.  🙂

Terri - showing off her canning abilities.

Terri – showing off her canning abilities.

Terri wanted some canning decorations for her layout but couldn’t find any at local arts and craft stores.  Finally, when she and her hubby were on a little outing, she found a mason jar sticker (empty jar) and then a piece of decorative paper.  She cut out the jars from the paper and then she went to town.    She is amazing!

Thanks, Terri for the great layout and the inspiration to get busy next year and can our own veggies.  😉

God bless you everyone!


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  1. Such a cute idea. Wish, I knew how to can things. I know it is hard work, but living where you can have a garden and farm animals would be paradise. Lucky you. The little mason jars are so cute, filled with lots of delicious veggies. I think I’ll go make some stew. Sounds good to me.

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