Circle Grid

Today I wanted to keep the grid theme but to use circles instead of squares.  I love circles.  In my last house we had a room that we called the circle room.  I think I posted on this before.  We had a piece of metal art work that was circles and a painting that was circles.  Then two of our chairs had round seats and each had pillows with circles on them.  We also had a rug that had circles.  I finally had to STOP.  I found a lot of things I wanted but it was getting silly.  Strange…..

So….today I punched a bunch of circles from the same color.  I also punched some stars to add to a few of the circles.  Here is the layout I came up with.

Joe kicking (and breaking) a board using Taekwondo techniques.  my sister is holding the board.

Joe kicking (and breaking) a board using Taekwondo techniques. My sister is holding the board.


As you can see it is a pretty simple layout.  Black cardstock with blue circles and a smattering of stars.  I matted the picture and used big letter stickers.  Fun page!

Hope you have some adventure today!

God bless!


One thought on “Circle Grid

  1. Looks like Master Julie is helping out Grasshopper Joe. She is a brave one. Don’t know if I would hold a board for a kid to kick. The blue circles really jazz up the page. I like how they match the blues in the picture. A different idea. Plus gold stars for the champion.

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