I ordered a new t-shirt and it has arrived.  It has to do with my love for scrapbooking.

I'm making my problem known.  ;)

I’m making my problem known. 😉

I really like it!  They have a lot of cute shirts.  I have bought a couple for me before and a couple for a few friends.  The company I got them through is called Two Chicks Designs.  They make t-shirts for other crafts, too.  If you are patient they have a lot of sales.  Make sure you get on their emailing list.  I believe this shirt was $12.00 (maybe $12.99) and the shipping was free, too.  Also, if you do social media, you can like them on Facebook and hear about their specials and new designs, too.

Hope your Monday is not mundane!

God bless!

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