Pinning a Few Tags

I’ve been looking at ideas that I have pulled out of magazines and books.  When at The Container Store last weekend I found a package of mini clothes pins.  I have seen them used in a lot of layouts but I had pulled a page out of a magazine that I really liked.  That is what this page is based on.

My finished page of my awesome kid.

My finished page of my awesome kid.  

To make the tags I found some big letters that I already had.  I then inked around the tags using the technique of applying the ink directly from the ink pad to the tag.  I added some washi tape.  In the journaling tag I used it had some ribbon/tape pieces at the bottom that were cut in a “v”.  I duplicated that with the washi tape.  I journaled on the jouraling tag and called them complete.  I found a piece of ribbon and attached it with my Fastenater to one side of the layout.  I then weaved the tags onto the ribbon and attached the ribbon to the other side of the layout.

I then adhered my picture (already matted) to the layout and then put a small amount of adhesive on the back of the tags so that they would stay where I liked them.  I added the darling mini clothes pins to the top of the tags where it looked like they were holding the tags to the ribbon.  Finally, I added some washi tape to both sides of the layout and three clips on the bottom side of the matted picture.  This turned out awesome – just like my son!

I hope your Thursday is tremendously terrific!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Pinning a Few Tags

  1. Ink,staples.washi tape, tags, stickers, clothes pins. Oh My!! You Go Girl !!!
    This is a excellent page. Great job.

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