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You guessed it.  Today’s layout involves tags.  I saw this page idea in an old crafting magazine.  I had cut it out and put it in my ideas folder.  Of course, with almost every idea you add your own twist to it.  Here is my version:

Tim, looking cool!

Tim, looking cool!

In order to create this page I took a piece of cardstock and cut off a small amount from the top – probably about 1/2″.  Then I placed it on my magnetic cutting mat and then I placed a tag on the top so that it hung over the edge approximately 1/2″ (I wanted the top of my layout to be tags and not cardstock).  I drew a line all the way across using my magnetic ruler and aligning it along the bottom of the tag.  Then I adhered tags all the way across the page, lining them up with the line I had drawn.

Then I placed another tag where I wanted it to be at below the first layer.  I wanted the tag to partially cover the first tag.  I then drew another line using the magnetic ruler as a guide.  When placing the tags I wanted to stagger them.  So, I started some rows with part of the tags off the page.  I then turned the paper over and cut off the part of the tag that was hanging over the edge.  I did the same thing on the other side of the page when I was finishing up the row of tags.

I made four rows of tags – all of them overlapping each other.  I mostly had plain manila tags but I did add a few decorative ones in the layout.  After all of my ducks (tags) were in a row I trimmed off the bottom of the page to make it 11″ so it would fit perfectly in my album.

My background page before adding pictures and decorations.

My background page before adding pictures and decorations.

So, finally added my picture, stickers, journaling and of course washi tape.

I REALLY like this page.

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Tag – That’s It

  1. I LIKE THIS PAGE TOO! Great pic of Tim. I might have to try this idea. I’ve not seen the tags used as a cardstock.

  2. The different color tags really stand out againist the plain ones. You can really write alot on these tags. The french tag is cute and the number one. And of course the main object of the page is special.

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