I thought of this idea yesterday while working on another layout.  I wanted to start it right then but I was out of time.  I, with my middle aged brain, knew I would forget about it over the course of 24 hours so I laid out the circle punches I would need to jog my memory.  It worked!

I cut 3 circles with my punches.  Two were 1 1/2″ and one was 2″.  I laid them on top of a piece of cardstock that I was using for the layout.



I then used my red glimmer spray by ditto.  I sprayed around the circles I had arranged into the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey after I painted and then pulled off the black circles.

Mickey after I painted and then pulled off the black circles.  It was still wet.

I then pulled off the black circles (carefully lifting them up and not dragging them across).  I let the page dry while I completed some errands.

*If I had to do it again I would have attached the circles with removable adhesive.  They started curling up when I started squirting the spray on.  Live and learn.

After the page was dry I added the schedule that Tim followed while at Disney.  Love to get creative!



God bless!



2 thoughts on “Mickey

  1. That little Mickey is sure sweet. I bet there’s all kind of colors to make him. I don’t think Tim will ever forget the trip to Disney. I bet you could use a stencil and colored chalk to make a Mickey too.

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