Washi Diagonals

Hi, everyone!  As you can see today’s post is about my new favorite scrapping medium – washi tape.  I’m afraid you are going to see many more posts with washi tape so I hope you like it as much as I do.  If not – please bear with me.

Like I said, I am using washi tape for today’s layout but ribbon could also be used.  The reason I love washi tape is it is so easy.  I am all about easy considering how behind I am in scrapbooking.  What I decided to do was to create diagonal stripes, using washi tape, across my cardstock.  To do this I turned my cardstock at a diagonal, on my magnetic cutting mat, and using the magnetic ruler I drew a line every one inch down the paper.

My paper with the lines drawn.

My paper with the lines drawn.

That was the hard part (so you know it is a pretty easy layout).  Then, I found the washi tape I wanted to use and I started applying it.  I put the tape barely on top of the drawn lines.  I then wrapped the ends to the back of the paper.

I'm almost done putting on the washi tape.

I’m almost done putting on the washi tape.

After I was finished putting on the tape I mounted my picture and decorated.  I love the paperclips I found at The Container Store.  They were on sale and they worked perfectly showing that my dad turned 40.

My dad turned 40.

My dad turned 40.

Hope your day is wonderful and you are surrounded by family!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Washi Diagonals

  1. The bright colored tape is cheerful. Your dad looks so debonair and suave. He did have quite a good taste in clothes. At first I didn’t understand the paper clips, then I noticed the green was four and the white one zero. Your creative mind was busy that day. Clever.

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