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This is a quick and easy idea to spruce up a page.  I’m using two of my newest and most favoritest (I know that isn’t a word but I really wanted to use it) embellishments – washi tape and twine.

I cut a piece of twine – longer than I knew I would need (I would rather cut a little off the ends than have to start all over).  I then picked out two different washi tapes that I thought would go with the layout.  In the center of the twine (just by eyeballing it) I wrapped a piece of washi tape  – about 4″ long – around the twine so that it would stick to itself.  The nice thing about washi tape is that you can unstick it if you don’t like the results and then stick it again.

Washi tape getting ready to be stuck around the twine.

Washi tape getting ready to be stuck around the twine.

I did this three times trying to space the tape evenly.

Washi tape wrapped around the twine.

Washi tape wrapped around the twine.

I then cut the washi tape so that all three pieces were the same length (as shown in the picture above).  I put a notch (about 1/4″) in the bottom center of each banner and then starting on the outside left corner I cut up to the top of the notch.  I did the same thing on the bottom right corner.  This method makes for nice “v” cuts which makes for nice flags and banners.  I did that to each banner.

My banner is finished - now to hang it.

My banner is finished – now to hang it.

To hang the banner I made two holes for brads to go through.  Before sticking the brads in the hole I looped the twine around the brad (a complete turn).  I made sure the brads were in there real tight.  Also, with the first brad I made sure that the banners were centered.  I did but a little adhesive on each banner to keep them hanging down the way I liked.  Here is my finished page.

Some of the people that went to Sam's baccalaureate.

Some of the people that went to Sam’s baccalaureate and graduation.

I hope your day is a great one!

God bless!






4 thoughts on “Washi Tape Banner

  1. Good idea. I’ve also seen the banners put on the side. The banners seem to be popular lately. I have a lot of new things to try.

  2. What a day that was huh? Julie had on a unusual sweater. Sure brightened up the picture. I know your mom and dad were proud. The last kid to graduate. They must have been very proud. I don’t believe any of my family graduated. So sad. All my kids did though. Yipee!!!! I am so proud of them.

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